The Snyder County Domestic Relations Office of the Court of Common Pleas, 17th Judicial District is responsible for the establishment, enforcement and administration of financial and medical support for children and spouses.  Additionally, the Domestic Relations Office is able to perform paternity testing and establishment for children born outside of marriage in accordance with Pennsylvania law.

The Domestic Relations Office provides services for paternity and support in accordance with federal, state and local regulations and statutes and the Rules of Civil Procedure. We can provide services if the noncustodial parent lives outside of Snyder County, outside of Pennsylvania, and, in some cases, outside of the country.  

This office does NOT handle custody, partial custody, or visitation matters. You should contact the Snyder County Prothonotary regarding these matters.

Note: The Domestic Relations Staff is not permitted to provide legal advice, or information that may be construed as legal advice, to the general public, clients or potential clients.  If you have legal questions regarding paternity or support, you should contact an attorney.

Cell Phones and recording devices are PROHIBITED in the DRO Conference Room.


All payments must be made through the Pennsylvania State Collection and Disbursement Unit and include your member ID or SSN. You can make child / spousal support payments in the following ways:


* Fees may be assessed with this payment method.  Additionally, it may take 7 days or longer for payments to post to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

The name, date of birth, Social Security number, current address and employer for both parties.  Names, dates of birth, social security numbers for all children for whom you are requesting support.  If this is also a paternity action, the child’s city and state of birth is also necessary.

No, we must have an address to be able to serve the Complaint for Support/Paternity.  

No, if a minor child resides in your home, you may file for support.

Yes, either party may file a request to establish paternity of a child.

No, there are no filing fees.

You must file in the Domestic Relations Office and provide the information listed above.  If you are requesting APL, you must also provide a copy of your divorce complaint.

No, if you choose to receive direct payments, your case may be suspended.  We are unable to enforce a court order if we have no knowledge of payments.

That is your decision to make. A list of attorneys in the area is available upon request.

You can choose to receive payment automatically loaded onto a debit card OR by direct deposit into the account of your choice.  Contact the Domestic Relations Office for a form to set up direct deposit.



Wendy Frederico

Domestic Relations Director

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