The Snyder County Prothonotary, Clerk of Courts and Clerk of Orphans’ Court office is the keeper of the courts. This office is responsible for recording all civil, criminal and orphans’ court procedures, along with signing and sealing all writs and processes numerous other documents. The office also handles marriage & passport applications.

Note: The Prothonotary & Clerk of Courts office is not permitted to provide legal advice, or information that may be construed as legal advice, to the general public, clients or potential clients.  If you have legal questions, you should contact an attorney.


⚠️  Applications by Appointment Only due to COVID-19


To apply for a marriage license, please visit the Clerk of Orphans’ Court Office. Below are a list of requirements in order to apply for the license.

Requirements to Apply

Both parties must:

  • Be 18+ years of age
  • Be present at the time of application
  • Provide photo ID and a Divorce Decree/Death Certificate (if previously married)
  • Provide Social Security Number

License Fee: $60.50

After Applying

  • It will take three days to obtain your official license. The license remains valid for sixty days from issuance. 

⚠️ Applications by Appointment Only due to COVID-19


US citizens must present a valid passport book when entering or re-entering the United States by air. US citizens entering the United States from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda at land borders and sea ports of entry must present a passport book, passport card, or other travel documents approved by the US government. The following information explains the process of applying for a passport. For additional information, visit travel.state.gov  .

Requirements to Apply for First-Time Passport

  • Complete the    DS-11 Form.
  • All applicants, including those age 15 and under, must apply in person at the Snyder County Prothonotary Office, Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm.
  • Long-form birth certificate (has the parents names and a raised seal issued by the state vital records department where birth occurred)
  • Proof of identity (Photo ID)
  • Applicant’s photograph
    • Portrait shot; taken within the last 6 months; no glasses or headbands. See application forms for more details.
    • We do not take photos.
  • Applicants parent’s names, birthplace, and date of birth
  • Two-parent consent for children under 16 years of age
    • It is required that both parents be present at the time of application. Photo ID required from both individuals. Otherwise, please visit travel.state.gov  for forms or email NPIC@state.gov for alternative options.

Requirements to Apply for Passport Renewal

You may apply for a passport renewal by completing and sending the    DS-82 Form via mail, if the following applies:

  • You are able to submit your most recent passport booklet or card.
  • Your previous passport booklet or card was issued on or after your 16th birthday and you were issued your most recent US passport booklet or card less than 15 years ago.
  • Most recent passport was issued in your current name or you can document your name change.

Otherwise, you will need to complete the    DS-11 Form and submit in person.

Passport Types & Fees

  • Both passport types (card & booklet) are valid 10 years (for adults) and 5 years (for minors).
  • All applications fees listed below should be made payable to ‘US Department of State’
  • All applications have an additional processing fee of $35 made payable to ‘Snyder County Clerk of Courts’
16 & over$130
15 & under$100

ℹ️  Card may only be used for land and sea travel between the United States and Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. Not valid for air travel.

16 & over$30
15 & under$15
Booklet + Card
16 & over$160
15 & under$115

After Applying

  • It will take approximately 8 to 11 weeks to receive your passport from the time of the US Passport Office receiving your application.
  • If expedited (with $60 fee + mailing fees), it will take approximately 5 to 7 weeks to receive your passport from the time of the US Passport Office receiving your application.
  • For more info on status of passport application:

This office files various court case documents. The following specifies matters related to filing:

  • Filings may be made either by mail or in person. If documents are filed by mail, a self-addressed stamped envelope shall be included for return copies.
  • All filing fees are required to be paid at the time of filing. A copy of the fee schedule will be made available upon request.
  • Filing must be original in nature and signed with original signature by filing party, and must have a case caption.
  • The “court division” and the type of document must be included on the filing; and if a case number is already assigned, the document must include the case number and caption.
  • A fax/email is not acceptable for filing, and will not be filed for record.
  • When filing in the Trial Courts, for all case records/filings (all divisions of court) containing “confidential information” (as defined by Section 7 of the Public Access Policy of the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania) shall use and file a    Confidential Information Form in order to comply with the Policy. Snyder County requires only one set (original) filing and any “Confidential Information” is filed separately with the “Confidential Information Sheet”. In addition, each filing (with or without the separate confidential information sheet) must have the signed “Certification of Compliance” statement attached to the filing. Any non-compliant documents will be returned to the filer without being filed for record.

You may obtain a number of records from this office. Please contact the office by phone, email, or in-person to learn more.

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