Assessment & Tax Claim Records

County assessment records can obtained online, where you can access assessed values, deed reference, and tax history information. This resource does not provide a copy of the sketch or year built. 

As of August 27, 2021 you can access delinquent real estate tax amounts. Lien certifications are done in office or by mail. The lien certification fee is $5.00.

Please use the link below to access both assessment and tax claim bureau records.

This is a fee based service at $1.10 per minute.

Records Portal 

Assessment Appeal

Appeals may be filed any year on or before September 1, with the result effective beginning with the subsequent tax year. In addition, an appeal may be filed within 40 days of any assessment change notice issued by this office after a change has occurred to a property effectively changing its market value. All appeals must be heard and acted upon by October 31 of each year. If you are interested in filing an annual appeal of your assessed value, please contact our office.

Tax Exemption

If you are interested in filing for a tax exemption, please contact our office.

Notification of Change

If you need your property reviewed for changes, please contact our office.

Delinquent Taxes

You can pay your delinquent taxes online or in-person at the Snyder County Courthouse Office. When paying online additional fees are added 2.5% or $1.00, minimum.

⚠️ 2019 delinquent taxes must be paid before entering a stay of sale agreement for 2020 taxes.

⚠️ 2020 delinquent taxes can only be paid in-person after August 31, 2022. Payment must be made by cash, money order or certified check.

Pay Delinquent Taxes Online  

Current Year Taxes

All current year taxes must be made payable to your local municipality’s tax collector. If you need contact information for your tax collector click the link below.

Find My Local Tax Collector

If you wish to purchase property from any of our sales it is recommended you first consult an attorney for a title search.

Upset Sales

The upset sale is the first sale at which a delinquent taxpayer’s property may be sold. The sale is held annually, on the first Wednesday after the second Monday of September. In August a list of delinquent properties is advertised in The Daily Item   and The Snyder County Times   papers. The list is between 80 and 100 parcels.

Judicial Sales

Judicial sales are held after the upset sale for any properties not sold. Judicial sales are ordered by the Court of Common Pleas of Snyder County and are referred to as the “Free & Clear” sale since filed tax and municipal liens are discharged as well as mortgages and other liens of record. Judicial Sales are generally held in the spring of the year following the upset sale for the same property. Per Sec. 612.(b) of the Pa. RETSL the Judicial Sale List is not published since the Petition is normally filed within three months of the upset sale.  

Repository Sales

Repository sale properties are those not purchased at the judicial sale. These sales are held at the discretion of the Tax Claim Bureau. Bids may be made by contacting the department.

  Repository of Unsold Properties

Successful Bidders

If you are a successful bidder we require an affidavit, signed and notarized, conditions of sale and Deed or Bill of Sale information. 

  Affidavit of Successful Bidder Form


Property Assessment

Assessment Records Portal 


  Tax Rate Chart March 2024

Pay Taxes

Pay Delinquent Taxes 

Find My Local Tax Collector →

Property Sales


Continued Upset Sale

Judicial Sale

  Repository of Unsold Properties

  Snyder County Bar Listing


Wendy K. Cook, CPE

Chief Assessor
Tax Claim Supervisor

Alyssa A. Lauver

Tax Claim Manager/Director

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