We assist veterans, widows and dependent children in obtaining benefits that are available from the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as well as Snyder County.

We are advocates for veterans, employed by Snyder County, who represent veterans’ interests. We are not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs but we work closely with them to obtain benefits for our veterans and their surviving spouses. We also assist veterans and their surviving spouses obtain benefits from the State and the County.

The Snyder County Veterans Affairs office discusses and submits applications for all related benefits to which veterans and their dependents may be entitled, such as:

  • Compensation and Pension
  • Hospitalization and Out-patient Care
  • Education
  • Home Loans
  • Insurance
  • Special Housing and Automobile grants

We have other benefits that are provided by the VA or other Federal, State, County, or local agencies or organizations. This department also refers the County’s veterans and dependents to other Federal, State, County, or other agencies and organizations that might further assist them in solving their problems or answering their questions

State Benefits

The following types of benefits are provided by the PA Department of Veterans Affairs . The Snyder County Department of Veterans Services renders assistance in applying for the benefits.

Provides aid for food, clothing, shelter on a temporary basis (not to exceed three months). Based on house-hold income. Must be Honorably Discharged, Wartime Veteran not in receipt of Public Assistance (Welfare).

Honorably Discharged

Wartime Veterans having a 100 Service-Connected Disability can be exempt from payment of Real Property Taxes on their principle residence. Based on financial need.

Widows of Honorably Discharged

Widows of Honorably Discharged, Wartime Veterans who died of a Service-Connected Disability and if the veteran would have been eligible for exemption, may also be eligible for Real Property Tax Exemption on their principle residence. Based on financial need.

Educational Gratuity

Children of Honorably discharged, Wartime Veterans who are totally disabled from Service-Connected Disability, may received and educational Gratuity while attending any state or state-aided college or other secondary institution. Financial need must be shown and the student must be between the ages of 16 and 21.

$100 per month for any Service-Connected Disease or Injury incurred while on active duty, which resulted in blindness or visual impairment of 3/60, 10/200 or less normal vision. Veterans must have given Pennsylvania as the place of Residence at the time entering service.

$100.00 per month for any veteran Service-Connected for any injury or disease resulting in the loss or loss of the use of two or more extremities during wartime or as a result of hostilities during Combat-Related Action peace time. Must have given Pennsylvania as the place of residence at the time entering service and currently reside in Pennsylvania.

Disabled Veterans Vehicle Registration

Totally Disabled, Service-Connected Veterans are not charged a fee for Titling and Registration of a motor vehicle. Only one vehicle shall be registered for a veteran. Based on Wartime Service. A $10.00 processing fee shall be charged for wartime veterans who lost a limb or eye or who became partially paralyzed as a result of such service. All other Non-Totally Disabled Veterans having Service-Connected Disabilities pay the regular $24.00 registration fee. The disabled veteran license plate is not the same as the handicapped plate.

Vehicle Placard

No fee is charged totally Disabled Veterans, having a Service-Connected Disability, for the disabled veteran parking placard. Vehicles having a properly displayed placard qualify for parking in areas designated to use for Handicapped Persons.

Certified copies of birth and death records are issued without cost to veterans and their dependents by the Division of Vital Statistics, P.O. Box 1528, 101 South Mercer Street, New Castle, PA 16103, (412) 656-3100.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone that possesses a valid military discharge, paper (DD form 214) may be a veteran if you have questions about your DD form 214, contact the Snyder County Veteran’s Affairs Office, 570-837-4277.

Come in, or call, the Snyder County Veteran’s Affairs Office for assistance. Ask for a standard form 180, “request pertaining to military Records”, once filed out, the form will be sent to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC), in St. Louis, MO, where military personnel and medical records are maintained. You can go to Veterans’ Service Records to request a new DD Form 214. If you recorded your DD Form 214 in the county Register And Recorder Office following your return from military service, they will make you a certified copy from their records free of charge.

Surviving spouses of veterans who died on or after January 1, 2000, do not lose eligibility for burial in a national cemetery if they remarry. Burial of dependent children is limited to unmarried children under 21 years of age, or under 23 years or age if a full-time student at an approved educational institution. Unmarried adult children who become physically or mentally disabled and incapable of self-support before age 21, or age 23 if a full-time student, also are eligible for burial.

The certificate is valid until the veteran applies for a new one. Most lending companies will ask for an eligibility certificate that is current.

Veterans have ten years from their date of discharge to use their educational benefits. You should start using your education benefits as soon as possible to keep from loosing this valuable benefit.

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David Royer

Veterans Affairs Director

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